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As a full-service team of media professionals with a wealth of experience, we know a thing or two about working together, striving toward a common goal and finding a way to win no matter what. And we apply that work ethic every day for our most valued team members – our clients. Let’s talk about what we can do for your brand.

Approach   |   How we improve your business

Game On.

Results-Driven Focus.

As long-time media industry players, we know that to deliver results for our clients, we need to stay ahead of the game. Ahead of the trends, ahead of the technology. That’s our game plan, day in and day out. Here’s how we make it happen.

We’re obsessed with hitting our numbers, and by that, we mean your numbers. That’s why our planning process is so meticulous, and why we build opportunities to optimize into our buys, so we can adjust on the fly. Bottom line: we deliver the goods.

Strategic Planning.

Trust and Accountability.

What are your advertising and marketing objectives? What are you trying to achieve with each specific campaign? We keep a close eye on that ball, planning and developing our media programs to attain your goals.

In an increasingly complex and fragmented marketplace, you want and need to trust your media team. We believe in earning that trust by consistently delivering on your objectives and being accountable for every dollar spent.

Inventive Thinking.

Experienced Team Leaders.

Every brand’s offerings, consumers, personality and voice are distinct. That’s why we customize every media program to suit your unique objectives, drawing on a never-ending supply of fresh thinking and an in-depth knowledge of proven strategies.

Our senior partners’ collective years of experience approach the length of some of the great sports dynasties. We believe in bringing that level of expertise to the table for every client. That’s why a senior level partner will oversee all of your brand’s media activities on a daily basis.

Services  |  What we do best

Media Services.

What is the optimal media mix that will ensure success for your next ad campaign, product launch, brand activation?


To answer that million-dollar question, we leverage the planning skills of our talented team, explore the competitive landscape and delve deep into the latest research, mining for consumer insights.


Media Planning in a Multi-Screen World

On the one hand, there are more ways to reach consumers than ever before. They’re consuming media on multiple devices simultaneously, creating exponential opportunities for you to connect with your target audience.


On the other hand, there are more ways for consumers to be distracted and miss all or part of your brand’s message as they switch between TV, tablet and smartphone.


Creating the optimal multichannel mix is a complex task involving the integration of traditional and digital media forms, including TV, radio, online video, high-impact display, social, mobile, print, out-of-home, etc. While not every brand needs every channel, the channels we do target need to work together to drive consumer awareness, engagement, acquisition or other brand objectives.

Strategize. Optimize. Analyze. Repeat.

It’s a simple process, but one that requires the collective talents of each member of our world-class team.


  • Strategize. What are your brand’s competitors doing? What are the industry trends that are impacting your business? Who are your consumers and how can you utilize knowledge of their behaviors to maximize reach and engagement? Answering these and other key questions will provide the insights we need to develop a successful media program.

  • Optimize. We build opportunities for A/B testing into our media plan, so we can switch creative in flight if one version appears to be outperforming the other.

  • Analyze. Our performance analytics team conducts thorough analyses of every campaign to quantify how well your media hit the KPIs that we established during the planning process.

  • Repeat. We apply the knowledge that we gain during each campaign to the next, so that we can continue to deliver outstanding results.


Sports/Event Marketing

We have significant experience in sports marketing, and know how to plan and structure a sports affiliation or partnership deal for maximum impact. Whether it’s arena signage or event or player sponsorship, we identify opportunities and execute them flawlessly.

DNA Creative

We partner regularly with DNA Creative, a premier New York agency, on results-driven marketing programs and campaigns for our clients. DNA’s approach is simple: find the essential DNA of your brand and develop creative strategies that will bring your brand story to life, connect with your target audience and maximize ROI. Creative services include digital, mobile, social and experiential campaigns as well as TV, video and radio production.

Team  |  Our three principals

Inventive Thinking.

Our three principals together have a vast breadth and depth of experience serving clients across many diverse industries. Current clients include Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network, Bravo, YES Network, Scenic Cruises and various financial firms and online educational institutions. We also have worked with Spike TV, TV Land, Foot Locker, Champs and several regional airlines.


Here’s just a little bit about us. To learn more, and to chat about what we can do for your brand, drop us a line or give us a call.


Dom Camera

Managing General Partner

Jeanine Domich

Chris Camera

As the trailblazing leader of the company that bears his name, Dom oversees all company operations and client services, and personally manages the day-to-day media activities for many of our clients.


Dom has an extensive background in client relations, TV and radio broadcast management, sales management and sports marketing. He started his career in media sales at NBC in New York, moved into managing TV and radio affiliate stations, and went on to become Vice President of Marketing for the United States Football League prior to founding Dom Camera & Company.


Dom’s vision and passion for delivering results infuse every aspect of the company’s operations. His long-standing client relationships, as well as the length of service of many of his employees, are testament to his integrity and character. Dom is a devoted family man who also manages to sneak in a round of golf now and then.

Jeanine helped form Dom Camera & Company in 1985, and now serves as company partner. In that role she manages all media strategy, placement and client relations.


Jeanine began her career as a marketing manager for the USFL, an upstart startup of a professional football league back in the 80s that fielded 18 major market teams for three spring seasons. The experience of working for a high-profile sports operation prepared her well for the hard work of helping grow a business. Jeanine’s forthright approach and commitment to outstanding client service are major reasons for the company’s continued stability and success.

Chris joined DCC in 1998. He handles client relations and oversees all radio and print placement. Prior to joining the company, Chris played professional football, where the strength, leadership and drive to succeed he demonstrated on the field is clearly still in evidence in his current role.

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